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Apr 27, 2007


Extremely insightful post! Storytelling is indeed a very powerful strategy. But the story has to be grounded in reality. The learner should be able to relate to it.

As you mentioned, some really complicated facts can be explained in simpler terms using a story. And as we all know, we never forget a story.

The article name "Learners are bulletproof" is very powerful.

This is a great overview of one of the highest levels of learning that can be achieved. So often we think of learners as buckets that we pour knowledge in, and assume that every drop hits the mark and stays in the container.

The best presenters almost always are the best storytellers.

John, your post reinforces the fact that storytelling is an important tool we as IDs must "remember not to forget". Look forward to reading more on this. I am especially curious to know your thoughts on digital storytelling.

Thank you for your comments Archana, Dick, and Hema! I'm so glad that this has resonated for you all.

Hema - I'm a big fan of digital storytelling (considering my background in tech-based learning), but the term takes on so many different 'flavors' of meaning in today's marketplace, it can be a little confusing exactly what one is conceptualizing when its referenced.

One area that I think is interesting in this domain is the idea of a 'Story Management Systems' (SMS) which house a plethora of digitized tales of success and failure, tips and tricks, created by experts within an organization. Properly indexed and tagged, these stories could help to train in need novices in a JIT fashion, without bothering the expert with the 104th time s/he's been asked about X (or when the expert has left the company via attrition or retirement).

What are some of YOUR thoughts on digital storytelling, Hema?

That’s an interesting thought; a techno-centric approach to knowledge management by creating digital stories as knowledge bases.

Creating digitized stories is easy with technological advances but crafting the right story to convey the information effectively is not as easy. If we can be great storytellers then it is a great medium to reach the increasingly electronic society.

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