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Oct 02, 2005


What kind of tools do we have to build this 'learner personality'? I am thinking along the lines of the tools marketers typically use, such as focus groups, surveys, and so on. If we do, how many clients might be willing to grant us access for the inevitably long periods of time such methods will require? How do we convince them to grant us that access? If we use these tools, will we also be required to use incentives, a tactic that marketers typically use to get meaningful responses? I can see this approach working with clients whose business is education, potential incentives being free credits on online programs etc.

What might work in the corporate context? Fortunately, an advantage that we have with regard to corporate learners is that these learners are easily accessible, a luxury that marketers rarely have. Another advantage: Training managers might buy into this idea readily because they are always looking for ways to convince top management to enhance learning allocations. Perhaps a tool or technique that capitalizes on these two advantages might be useful.

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